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Meet Professor Tom Moore

Tom Moore is Professor and Head of Department in the Department of Archaeology.

Professor Tom Moore in the Department of Archaeology
Tell us about your role within the Department of Archaeology

As Head of Department I oversee our research and educational strategy by continuing to explore how we can collaborate with colleagues from around the globe.

Tell us about your research interests / specialism within the Department of Archaeology

My specialism is landscape archaeology. Although I work primarily in Europe my current projects focus on how ecologists and heritage specialists can collaborate in sustainable landscape management that has resonance for heritage management around the world.

What can international students expect from their first few weeks in the Department of Archaeology?

We pride ourselves on being a welcoming, inclusive and accessible department by organising welcome events where students can meet staff and other students from across the department, not just on their programme. Your teaching will be diverse no matter what programme you are studying, from lab classes to lectures to fieldtrips and small group tutorials so expect a very varied teaching experience.

What do you think makes the Department of Archaeology unique?

Our department is one of the largest in the UK alongside our breadth of scientific facilities to ensure we provide a diverse and comprehensive student learning experience – whatever programme of study students choose. Our research excellence means we have projects and collaborations with institutions from around the world. We bring that experience and research directly into our teaching to ensure students have opportunities to work on a diverse range of projects and learn about the latest research findings.

What advice would you give to an someone thinking of studying in the Department of Archaeology?

Archaeology at Durham really is a community. Make sure you access all the activities the department has to offer – this includes a range of seminars, workshops and social events as well as additional fieldwork and fieldtrip opportunities. You will meet fellow archaeologists from all over the world across all levels of study and gain lots of useful experience for future employment.

What have your students gone on to do after graduating from Durham?

Our students’ careers vary considerably with around 30% going into heritage careers in commercial archaeology and heritage management as well as academia. The rest of our students pursue careers as diverse as working in the media, civil service, fashion industries and business. Heritage degrees provide a significant array of transferable skills e.g. teamwork, project planning and design, which means our graduates are highly suited to a wider range of professions. We have graduates working in Europe, North America, China and Japan, and also have an alumni network who often come back to the department to talk to current students.

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