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Meet Professor Nadia Siddiqui – School of Education

Professor Nadia Siddiqui is a Programme Director for MA Research Methods in Education. 

I am Professor Nadia Siddiqui, Programme Director MA Research Methods in Education.  

Tell us about your role within the school:

My role is to conduct high quality research by seeking funds from prestigious research councils and other organisations. As an academic my role is to transfer advanced research skills to my students and provide them exposure to all stages of the research cycle. I also supervise doctoral students who are doing ambitious, large-sale, and rigorous research projects.  

Tell us about your research interests within the school:

My research interests are examining the role of school education, school improvement policies, evaluation of learning programmes, understanding ‘what works’ for children’s learning, and investigating contextual indicators for identifying disadvantaged. I have also published academic research papers on research evidence use.   

What can students expect from their first few weeks in the school?

The MARM-Education is full of activities in the first week. You will be exposed to several module choices across the social science faculty. The department will support the process. You will meet with our research active staff, renowned academics, and doctoral students who will inspire you to do good research. 

What do you think makes the school unique?

We are No1 in Research Excellence Framework 2021 for our academic outputs and high-quality research. This is the best place to learn, meet and engage with academics who have conducted research leading to changes in education policies and practices. We have a global footprint in research impact. 

What advice would you give someone thinking of studying in the school? 

This experience will define your vision of research and provide you the best knowledge, experience and skills for becoming a researcher in education. 

What have your students gone on to do after graduating from Durham? 

MARM is a pathway to complete doctoral studies which means many of our students have continued their academic journey to seek fundings for doctoral studies. Many of our graduates have successfully completed research internship in the UK government sector. Some students have joined research organisations in the UK and abroad.  

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